The Tax Office supplies fast and accurate Income Tax and Book-Keeping services for individuals and small businesses.

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The Tax Office has over 20 years of industry experience, that includes 6 years of experience with companies like H&R Block and Liberty Tax Services. We are confident that we have the qualifications to ensure you or your business receives maximum Tax Returns.

The Tax Office provides a variety of professional Income Tax and Book-Keeping services.

Personal Income Tax Preparation

Small Business Book-Keeping

Small Business Income Tax Preparation

Small Business GST / HST Returns Preparation

Rental Income Tax Preparation

Self-Employed Tax Preparation

New Arrivals to Canada Income Tax Returns Preparation

Departing from Canada Income Tax Returns Preparation

Trust Income Tax Returns

Required information for filing your Income Tax Return:

  • Social Insurance Number
  • Your Current Address
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your Current Marriage Status
  • Your Spouse:
    • Name, Social Insurance Number, Date of Birth and Total Income
  • Your Dependants:
    • Names, Date of Birth’s and Social Insurance Number

**Anyone living with you that is younger than 19, or older than 65 is a dependant

Government Slips required for filing your Income Tax Return:

  • T3 Trust and Investments Incomes Slip
  • T4 Employee Income Slip
  • T4A Company Pension and Self Employed Income Slip
  • T4A (P) Canada Pension Slip
  • T4 (OAS) Old Age Security Income Slip
  • T4E Unemployment Insurance Income Slip
  • T4RIF Register Retirement Income Slip
  • T4RSP RRSP”s Income Slip
  • T5 Interests and Investments income Slip
  • T5007 Government Benefits Slip
  • T2202 A or B Tuition and Educations amount Slip

Additional information for filing your Income Tax Return:

  • RRSP’s Contribution Receipts
  • Child Care (Babysitter) Receipts
  • Medical Receipts for the year
  • Donations Receipts
  • Public Transportation Receipts or Passes
  • Moving Receipts
  • Children Activities or Arts classes Receipts
  • Purchases of a New Home Receipt
  • Rent or Properties Tax Receipts
  • Tools Receipts for Apprenticeship Training
  • Students Loan Interest Receipt
  • Adoption Expenses Receipt
  • Support Payment Receipt

From individual to family and from entrepreneur to small and mid-sized businesses, we supply the best Tax Preparation Services available. The Tax Office takes pride in providing premium customer service and client satisfaction that is professional, courteous, and accommodating.

The Tax Office strives to better serve our loyal Canadian clients, and to help, we have supplied some very resourceful and useful links provided directly by The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).

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